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No. 105613 - Published 16 Sep 2011

Review of Phoenix Party of The Phoenix Club, The Ultimate Adults Club, London

Details of Visit
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:Sat 10 Sep 2011 13:30
Duration of Visit:3.5 hours
Amount Paid:200

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Details of Service Provider
Profile Name:The Phoenix Club, The Ultimate Adults Club - click to view profile in a new window
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The Premises
It was clean, in a nice area, and I felt perfectly safe. It's a party of course so things get untidy as that progresses. The patrons do keep on top of that for the most part. If I was to award marks I'd say a B.
The Lady
There were 7 girls in total; 5 I would describe as slim/petite and extremely attractive, 2 as slightly heavier but only in comparison to the other 5; all were eminently fuckable. Marks here an A++.
The Story
I have written a novel! As it happens I have pretentions to authorship and I really wanted to document the experience if only for my own wank purposes. I think I've done a fairly decent job; it's a good read and it's what really happened:-)

Quick summary : Amazing experience A++. The girls on the site are the girls at the party and they either enjoy what they do or do a damn good job of giving that impression. Do it. Do it NOW!

I?ve been to Lady Marmalades before; several times in fact; but it?s been a while and I decided I wanted to experience it again and make a personal record of the event. I live in Sweden so getting to London is tricky. Basically I get a Saturday morning flight in to London Stansted and arrive at LM?s at about 13:00. This time I was a little late; passport control has gone crazy in Stansted and I arrived at 13:30 anxious that precious fuck minutes where slipping away.

Jewels ? her ivory skinned delights regrettably off the menu for today ? got my envelope sorted, shoved me into a shower and spanked me into action.

I fucked Nicole first. She was busty, enthusiastic and she essentially grabbed me by the cock the second I stepped out of the shower leaving me limited options. However, I was not disappointed.

First she gently sucked my cock until I was hard and throbbing (which took, like, 30 seconds) and then I doggy styled her from behind before finishing in the more conventional missionary. I'd only been at Lady Marmalades for 15 minutes; yet this was enough time to for a shower and an inept shag. The inept I apply to myself of course ? the buxom Nicole was perfect as always:-)

So there I was limp dicked with 3 and a quarter hours to go. I popped upstairs for a beer which I chugged down and then hopped into the shower for a quick rinse. By this time my member was stirring again and I decided that Jody?s inviting ebony pussy needed urgent penetrating from behind. While she gave some chap a sloppy blow job I enquired if I might "pop in" for a moment and she smiled her naughty smile arching her back to present her tight, inviting ass; I slipped on a condom and she gently guided my cock to the correct docking position. I hammered away for the best part of 5 minutes while she blew the other guys dick - and my mind.

So far so good. I wasn't quite ready to cum again. So I gave it a rest for 10 or 15 minutes. Wandering from to room watching the couples, threesomes and the occasional foursomes "playing". This is what lady M euphemistically calls the orgy of delicious depravity that is the Lady M experience ? ?playing?.

Then my attention was drawn to Angela. She's petite with awesome little tits and she was wearing some kind of push up bra that cupped and accentuated them to perfection. No panties though - which suited me fine - so I hit that and shot load number two right into the steaming heat of her. As she straddled me and my now dissolving cock, her delicate hands on my chest, I made a little small talk; "Where are you from?" I asked. "Heaven!" she giggled.

So. Fucking. TRUE!

At this stage Mister Norman ? aka mah penis ? was fairly tuckered out. I'd had a pop at 3 gorgeous women, ejaculated twice and all in less time than it takes to order and eat a burger and fries. Time to shower and retire upstairs for some R and R. Of course it wasn't long before some slim vixen, high heels clacking on the wooden stairs like a mating call, was leaning on the banisters pouting and begging me to return to the fray. So I did.

This time I was keen to give Jody a proper seeing to; one with the proverbial happy ending; so after a preliminary blow job I lay back and she squatted over me, taking the re-enthused Mr. Norman into her warmth. She jounced up and down on me tweaking my nipples and blowing the occasional patron that wandered up looking lost.

This is the wonderful thing about the Lady M experience; group sex is fun and it's actively encouraged. That's not to say the conventional two person sex is discouraged, far from it, but shy and retiring guys are not left to their own devices; lady M, the girls and even regular party goers all work to actively include everyone. You will NOT go to a Lady M party and come away frustrated and cock blocked by a queue of strutting alpha males. I promise you.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Jody - that wet dream of sculpted ass and flat stomached hotness - she jiggled and jounced eventually coaxing Norman to a shuddering climax;. Think of a guy lifting the last weight of a set of twenty after doing 4 sets of twenty before. That was my little Norman; heaving with quivering muscles, streaming sweat and coursing endorphins the hundredth lift above his head with a hoarse scream.

Now I was fairly shagged and could do little but watch and have various ladies encourage my aching balls. After the obligatory shower - I consider it disrespectful to arrive at a new engagement all sweatified - I wandered around caressing arses (of girls if that wasn't clear) and getting the occasional coaxing blow job.

I fucked Antonia but despite her best efforts nothing "came" of it - the fault was all mine - and we eventually gave it a rest. I watched Nicole getting fucked doggy style by one guy while making muffled breathless moans around the engorged shaft of another ? that guy really had a big cock. Every so often she would make amused, wanton eye contact with me - the hard knob of his cock pushing out her cheek - and this was somehow even more arousing than direct participation. Eventually the various combatants shot their bolts and that enticing little show was over.

I wandered into one of the other rooms and came upon the vision of Rafiella (she of the sexy tan lines and the amazing smile) on her back been eaten out by one guy while blowing another. I drifted over for a closer look and her hand reached out and gave my cock a playful tug. It responded and she drew me to her. Now we had a foursome not my ideal foursome - 3 guys and 1 girl - but I'm flexible and oh, what a girl! I think this went on for 5 or 10 minutes; three of us variously eating out, fucking, being blown or hand jobbed by Rafiella. Eventually I was hard enough for a load and together Rafiella and I jerked me off onto her firm tits. Yep. It was like some drug induced porn dream; one guy was still eagerly gobbling Rafiella's pussy another had his cock in her mouth and my cum - MINE - lay in a curving arc across her tits and neck a small, stray pearl glittering on one cheek. Gentleman that I am I grabbed some wipes and helped the lady clean up. The other business continued uninterrupted around my chivalrous efforts.

So it's been about 90 minutes so far, maybe 2 hours and I've dipped my wick in 5 (that's FIVE) catwalk class girls and I've had 3 in pussy and one on tits ejaculation. Fuck me I thought.
Although, I must have said that aloud because ... she did.
OK, I'm exaggerating for effect. I didn't actually get fucked in the ass with a strap-on but it's in the ... ball park so to speak:-) Here's what happened.

After a coke and some fruit I decide I'm ready for round two. I sneak down stairs and after a quick shower prowl for prey. In the cats cradle room Rafiella and another guy are "playing" I join in and the specifics are something of a blur but eventually it?s just the two of us and that is where it began to get ... unusual.
Basically she began to rough me up ? that seems the best way to describe it - in what may have been the most exciting and stimulating sexual experience of my life. First she began holding me down, pushing me back on the bed while blowing me ? and she is strong! Good muscle tone and firm flesh all over. I could feel her muscles tensing as she resisted my pathetic attempts to squirm. While holding me in place she gently licked all around my nuts, the shaft of my cock and even the ridged skin of the ball sack itself; an excruciating, delicious sensation; 200% tickle and 800% blowjob. Then she pressed me back on the bed even more firmly and drew her face close to mine.

She looked at me quizzically as if considering; we're making intimate eye contact at this point ? the kind that might be uncomfortable in normal circumstances but is just fine when it?s with a beautiful woman that has a firm hold of your tiller ? and I see her pupils dilate as she comes to a conclusion. In a sudden, fluid movement she grabs the hair at the nape of my neck - hard - pulling my head back and to the side exposing the vulnerable carotid. She lunges at the artery biting me ? again it?s hard ? her teeth closing with enough pressure for me to feel my own pulse struggle against the unexpected constriction. A stupendously erotic, remorseless vampire, she holds me firmly in place while she does this her left hand a fist buried in my hair and her right, clamped around my member, working it in short, sharp, unrelenting strokes. I?m genuinely paralyzed at this point; now I?m the prey and FUCKING LOVE IT. Then she literally shakes me - a cat with a mouse - straddling me her hand still bunched in my hair pulling my head back and exposing my throat. For several minutes we playfully hurt each other biting breasts and lips, tweaking nipples, pulling hair. A few times she bites down on my cock mid blowjob. Simultaneously exhilarating (like an especially frightening fairground ride) and incredibly erotic (like, well, having a gorgeous Brazilian nibbling your knob). I?ve come to suspect a little taste for bondage in my sexual profile; this experience has confirmed it.

Then she says to me "I'm going to fuck you in the ass." jumps up and disappears. So there I am bemused, abused and heart pounding. A minute later she returns with ? I kid you not dear reader ? a latex glove and solicitously inquires if I've ever been fucked in the ass before. This is an amusing question because I have ? once ? by her ? about two years prior:-) She may not remember, but I certainly recall my alarm and shock at this outrage and that I rather enjoyed it. I murmur assent trying to maintain a shred of dignity by pretending she's asking permission and pretending I'm giving it. She proceeds to massage my cock and balls while simultaneously - as advertised - fucking me in the ass with the glove. So there I am pinned like an insect helplessly violated by the sexiest female Vampyre the mind can conceive; but it isn't fantasy - well it is - but it's REALLY HAPPENING.

Eat your heart out Bram Stoker!

Just then Nicole arrives, possibly in the nick of time - fuck knows what further delightful indignities Rafiella would have subjected me to otherwise - the distraction allowing me to get the upper hand. With Nicole?s help we managed to get Mr. Norman back into fighting shape, penetrate the deliciously squirming Rafiella and fuck her incredibly hot, tight and clenching pussy to climax. Unfucking believable.

At this stage bruised and beaten, nursing bites on my todger, an aching set of balls and a lightly throbbing anus I beat a retreat to the upstairs "chill out" lounge. There, along with a platoon of similarly shattered veterans, I scarf down some chicken, twinkies and a coke. This time I watch some random sports channel slack jawed for 20 minutes. Twenty precious fuck time minutes!! Of everything I've written so far this is perhaps the least believable. It seems incredible to me now that with the eager, willing mouths and pussies of 7 of the best looking girls I've ever seen (let alone fucked) just meters away I actually sat and watched TELEVISION. Sport for fucks sake!!

Eventually the sight of a completely nude Danielle (other than a pair of alarmingly high heels) rouses me from my catatonia and it's "once more into the breach" etc.

I'm a bit of a basket case. So this calls for a round of coaxing blowjobs. This is where the hard work for the girls really begins at LM parties and they often spend the last hour or so patiently tugging and tweaking flaccid and exhausted penises back into some semblance of rigidity. The erections at this stage are weak, pathetic, numb and short lived; frequently failing at the crucial moment. As usual at this stage I fuck but just can't climax; Nicole at one point Antonia at another. I mean SERIOUSLY; who could fuck these girls without cumming? Who could watch one of these girls spit on your dick and then gently but firmly jerk you off all the while holding direct eye contact without rising to the occasion? I?m ashamed to admit that this happens but I promised myself this would be as accurate a record as my addled wits could recall.

Anyway, with 20 minutes to go we're all corralled into one room; 5 guys (I think) and about six girls. I join a guy who is eating out Jody. She's on her back and begins to suck my now re-hardened but fragile erection. We're at this for a few minutes and Nicole joins to help subjecting my shaft to a merciless hand job while Jody continues blowing the head of my penis.

They are not taking no for an answer. Then, Joy of joys, I begin to feel that magical stirring deep in my numb balls; it's still tentative but as I realize Nicole is actually going to hand job me to conclusion on Jody?s tits ? Jody meanwhile is BEGGING me to cover her in my cum ? the tentative stirring gathers strength as the mysterious, electric filament that joins a spot in the center of my ball sack with a node deep in my brain begins to glow and pulse in the familiar cycle to climax.

The room is incredibly hot and it's small too. Full to overflowing with writhing naked forms. I can't see Nicole - she's behind me, or to the side - but I feel her hand sliding up and down the shaft of my dick. Jody I can see; her back arched and her spread legs - in laddered fishnets - shuddering in climax, feet and toes pointed daintily to the ceiling (it appears I have tendencies to foot fetish too) as the guy eating her out probes deeper. Her tongue meanwhile flicks out to lap the tip of my penis and then she?s nuzzling it; lips pursed in an exaggerated kissing pose around the head of my quivering dick. That filament at my center - at first glowing weakly red - is now a bright, orgasmic yellow and I'm going to let go soon, very soon. Nicole and Jodi press their relentless attack. The filament is now a halogen lamp, a blinding spotlight in a darkened theatre and with a flash like a thousand stadium lights my exhausted shriveled, gonads rear up one last desperate time. I climax hard shooting a stream of anemic and liquid cum - I'm not convinced it contains more than 7 spermatozoa, tops - across Jodi's chocolate chest. She smears it eagerly on herself as the three of us cheer like football hooligans at a goal.

I'm not making this shit up.

Today as I write this I am sore all over. I?ve spent my whole weekend on planes, trains and buses. I?m absolutely shagged and I?ve spent easily ?200 on transport and accommodation; all for 3.5 hours at Lady Marmalades. Yet I would do it all again; in fact I will do it all again. What I cannot understand is why every man in London doesn?t turn up at Lady Marmalades every damn day; if it was just a 30 minute tube trip away I know I would.

Thank you M and Ladies for what you do. It is much and genuinely appreciated.

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