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No. 118372 - Published 3 Nov 2014

Review of Patsy of Invasian Asian Escorts London, London

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:Thu 16 Oct 2014 13:00
Duration of Visit:1 Hours
Amount Paid:150

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Details of Service Provider
Profile Name:Invasian Asian Escorts London - click to view profile in a new window
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The Premises
Patsy is based in a basement flat about five minutes walk from Paddington. Its a nice area, but I'd guess parking is problematic - I always use public transport to get there. Inside its comfortable, clean and tidy as one expects when visiting Asian girls from this Agency

She entertains in a large room, and she's now complemented the mirror on the wardrobe at the far end of the room with some by the (large and comfortable) bed. This allows you watch what you are up to while you are up to it. Unfortunately the bathroom lacks a bath, which is a major blow since bath time with Patsy proved a lot of fun at her previous flat. The shower is very large - plenty big enough for fun and games - though we not as yet really explored this possibility - the fact she shares the flat probably doesn't encourage this.

Overall its perfectly satisfactory, and the new mirror is a major plus, but it does lack the little extras that turn a bedroom into a real boudoir.
The Lady
Patsy is very pretty as shown in her pictures. She is petite, though not as tiny as some Thai girls and has a lovely slender figure, topped by a pair of spectacularly enhanced boobs. Her legs are great and she has a peach of a bum. I'm gob smacked every time at how gloriously sexy her body is.

As regards personality, she is very friendly and good company and having made a few visits she seems very comfortable with me as a client. Certainly not as infectiously happy as say Zizzi or Nana, but Patsy always seems pleased to see me and is very cheerful in my company. Her English is not great, but we didn't have major communications problems in fact I think we understood one another better than is often the case.

As regards talent and eagerness to please, Patsy knows exactly how to drive a man wild with delight and has always been keen to demonstrate it. I guess Patsy is perhaps a bit more mature than some of the girls in town, but physically she is a match to any, and nor have I met any who can excel her in terms of enthusiasm or skill in the bedroom.
The Story
The readers digest version:
A typically energetic and rumbustious encounter with one of the best Asian escorts currently in town. From the moment Patsy greeted me at the door in some sexy scraps of clothing to the point she kissed me goodbye I was pampered and pleasured and then pampered and pleasured some more. If you're not sure why some guys rave about Asian girls, this is the girl to see. If you are already one of the guys who rave about Asian girls and you haven't been to see Patsy, I suggest you do so. If you've already been to see Patsy, then you'll know why I rave about her already.

And then in the interminable style of Dr Steve:
For reasons that escape me, I hardly ever have difficulty booking Patsy at the time I want to see her on the morning I want to meet her. With other girls (naming no names) days or even weeks of notice are needed, but with this lovely lass usually little prior notice seems needed. This time as before I got the slick booking process, a brief call - less than 30 seconds - and a few minutes later an SMS confirming the appointment and providing detailed joining instructions. Not that I really need them nowadays, arriving at Paddington, I always have to fight off the urge to go the ATM and then off to Patsy - or another little lady who lives nearby - rather than heading over to the office.

Patsy greeted me at the front door in startlingly high heels, black hold-ups, a straining halter-top bra and a pair of sexy, shiny, scarlet pants. I'd half expected her to be wearing her boots (as our last two sessions pandered to my fetish for sex with girls in boots), but she looked incredibly sexy as she was, and after all we could get around to changing her footwear later if the fancy took me.

Into the bedroom. Patsy paused a bit to kill off some program on her computer, while I groped her through her minimal clothing. Then we were undressing one another. One more I had to restrain myself from drooling. I love the female body in many of its different configurations, but tiny, busty and slender are the things that really light my fire.

I helped Patsy off with her bra so I could play with her boobs, then down with her scarlet pants (which she confessed to being very proud of). She was doing fairly well disrobing me, though we had the usual hiatus when it came to getting off my shoes and socks, so we could slide off the rest of my kit. Next we headed off to the bathroom. Usually Patsy leaves me to it in shower, but this time she joined me. Not surprisingly I grew long and hard as she soaped my cock and between my legs and buttocks. Sinking to her knees she took me in her mouth and began to suck me. Awesome fun, but I felt I was getting over excited so suggested it was time we got out of the shower. She smiled agreement and out we stepped. After a bit of mutual towelling to get dry and the ritual mouthwash, we moved back to her bedroom.

Standing me by the bed, but facing the mirror on the wardrobe, so I could watch in it, Patsy knelt down and started sucking me again and soon had me moaning in delight. Then I was backed onto the bed. Having got me there Patsy grabbed a cushion from the top of the bed. I knew what was expected. Lifting my hips I helped her slid it under my bum, then Patsy pushed my thighs up to expose her target and buried her face in the crack of my arse. Patsy lapped away and I just gasped and groaned. My cock felt so swollen I thought it might split in two as she tortured me with one of her exquisite rimmings.

Patsy touched my shaft and I had to move her hands away, fearing I would explode at once. She had her eyes fixed on me, staring at me between my raised spread thighs, as her tongue pleasured my anus. She seemed to be laughing, delighted but astonished at the effect she was having on me. After driving me wild like this for what seemed an age Patsy decided on a change of tactics, moving around and over me so we were in a 69. I lapped eagerly at her pussy, and stretching a bit further licked her tiny little puckered rosebud too. Her cock sucking was driving me wild - it was a bit too much to take, so I lifted my legs again spreading them wide. Taking the hint Patsy leaned further forward burying her mouth against my bum hole again. In doing this, my swollen member was trapped between her firm boobs, with the result she was not only rimming me but tit fucking me too!

My eyes rolled back in my head. I could take much more of this. I urged her to move off me to take my cock in her mouth, to make me come. She eagerly obliged moving so she was kneeling by my side, her hand stoking my balls while she leant over took me deep in her mouth. Now her head was bobbing up and down while her lips were clamped around my shaft. My groans rose in volume then with a roar I let go, squirting out my cum. Patsy held me deep waiting until the twitches of my cock began to subside before pulling away and favouring me with a grin. Not only is she very good at her job, she really seems to enjoy it!

Having discretely disposed of my load and having wiped me up a little, Pasty slid into my arms for a cuddle. After a minute or two she proposed a massage. Not feeling quite up to a resumption of erotic activities at once I agreed and rolled over onto my belly. Patsy got to work giving me what seemed a very professional massage. But as is usually the case some minutes in I was feeling frisky again and eager to move back to more fun activities. Rolling over onto my back I had Pasty move up to straddle my face and to smother me with her quim and clit while I lapped eagerly away at them. Reaching up I groped away at her boobs. Great fun for me, and Patsy gave every impression of enjoying even more than I did. After working away for several long minutes, her moans and groans grew to a peak and laughing and giggling she pushed me away seeming very happy at what I had done for her.

While indulging in pussy licking, I'd also taken the opportunity to give myself a bit of a wank and was coming to attention again. Patsy wasted no time fastening her mouth over my cock and finishing the process. In a couple of minutes or so, I was long and hard and eager to shag. A condom was produced and rolled on, then Patsy, having applied so lubricant to her pussy and my cock, clambered into the saddle and eased my swollen member into her delightfully snug snatch.

While in principle I enjoy the cowgirl position, it doesn't really work for me with a lot of escorts - particular little Asian girls. Patsy is a notable exception to the rule though. She seems to have just the right moves and rhythm, not too intense as with some, not too shallow as with others. In fact she is just perfect. So it was with delight I let her ride me at a brisk canter, pumping my rod deep into her quim and smiling in amusement as I gasped and groaned. Reaching up I played with her awesome boobs as she drove me wild with delight.

We carried on like this for several minutes before we decided it was time to try something else and rolling over I took charge. As is my wont I pushed Patsy's legs up on my shoulders leaning forwards to pin them back with her feet over her head so I could push really deep. Then I set to pounding away at her. Utterly amazing! The poor lass seemed to be finding it a bit of a strain, but Patsy encouraged me to go at it hard despite this. I managed to hold myself back just enough to avoid boiling over. After fucking long and hard like this for what seemed an age I tucked both her legs over my right shoulder for a little variation and carried on. Finally panting for breath I paused and suggested we might try it doggy style.

Patsy either knows me too well, or misunderstood my intent a little. After I pulled myself off her, instead of just rolling over she paused to grab some lube off the side, then getting down on hands and knees in front of me, she applied copious amounts of gloop to her tiny bumhole. It was obvious what she expected of me, and if it hadn't been my intent to move on to plundering her tight little rear passage quite so soon, no way was I going to decline the invitation. After applying lube to my swollen knob, I shuffled in close and gently pressed its head against Patsy's little rosebud. Her hips pushed back, I pushed forward and with a little gasp from both of us, I breached her ring and my rod began to ease up into her rectal passage. Slowly but firmly I pushed all the way in and then carefully I began fucking Patsy's arse.

After a slow start to let her open up and grow used to her anal invader, I gingerly upped my pace. Patsy gasped and groaned, but assured me she was alright when I checked. Then she was urging me to fuck her harder. My gentle ride became a mad gallop as I pounded against her firm round buttocks, letting her tight little sphincter drive me wild with delight. How something so snug could take so long to bring me to a peak is a mystery to me, but it took several long minutes of firm pumping before I was at last ready to let go. Finally with a bellow of pure delight I buried my cock balls deep in her bottom and exploded, filling the condom with my lust.

Shattered by the effort of such a long session of shagging and the power of my orgasm I slumped on top of poor little Patsy for a minute or so before rousing myself to disengage and flop onto the mattress. Patsy seeming inordinately pleased with herself found some wet wipes to dispose of the condom in. A bit more of a clean up and then we were snuggled up in a warm embrace - the perfect way to help me come down and return to reality.

We chattered a bit of this and that for a few minutes, and Patsy asked me for a little help in finding way around Punternet. I suggested we shower first - my fingers were a bit sticky from lube, so I wanted to wash them before messing up her keyboard. So we headed to the bathroom, and had a relaxed shower involving a little fun and games. I got to soap and grope Patsy's spectacular body while she retaliated by playing with my cock still a rather sensitive after its workout. Giggling we headed back to the bedroom.

I gave her a quick walk around Punternet, showing her how to find her own reviews, and then she helped me get dressed. I was just slipping my jacket on when I suddenly remembered I hadn't provided Patsy with her 'gift'. She gave a little gasp as I tugged it out of my pocket and presented it to her. It had obviously slipped her mind completely too. I felt I'd been a bit bad mannered forgetting to provide it to start with, but was gratified at the level of trust she now seem to have in me. Anyway she thanked me with a little bow, and after a kiss and cuddle led me out into the corridor.

I've always known at least one other girl works in the same flat, but now I almost got to meet one of them - and her current client! Patsy and I only taken a step towards the outside door the door across the way started to open. A little gasp from Patsy and echoed by someone inside and the door closed more quickly than it had opened. Excitement over, Patsy opened the flat door and let me ascend back to the streets a very happy chap.

Awesome as usual. This is my seventh visit to Patsy this year alone - which is close to a record in terms my punting career. Patsy has an amazing body and an attitude to match. I'm sure she tailors her performance to her clients, but what she gives me is exactly what I want from her. Not quite either GFE or PSE, but an enthusiastic and energetic combination of the two delivered with great skill and what I can only term great sincerity.

Patsy vies with Zizzi for being my favourite Asian escort of the moment. Patsy plays the mature and skilled courtesan to Zizzi's playful little Minx. Both are very different, but the same in that they are wonderful company. I hear they do duos - but I'm not sure I could survive both of them at once!
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118411Danbrekke6 Nov 2014YES
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