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No. 122259 - Published 30 Mar 2016

Review of Phoenix Party of The Phoenix Club, The Ultimate Adults Club, London

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:Fri 12 Feb 2016 13:00
Duration of Visit:2 Hours
Amount Paid:160

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Details of Service Provider
Profile Name:The Phoenix Club, The Ultimate Adults Club - click to view profile in a new window
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The Premises
A house in a quiet London square. It is a few minutes' walk from Paddington or the West End depending on your starting point. The arrangements seem to be that down stairs in the basement is the kitchen and changing, and on the ground floor there is a long room where the play takes place - three double beds with plenty of room around. Upstairs is principally the girls' domain, although sometimes you can use the shower up there.

While I've yet to visit a party at a location quite so much fun as the Lady M party place with the split level room (back in 2005!), this location is well up to standard. The single room for all activity adds to the orgy feel that makes for a real party, but having done it more than once I miss the variety of differing environments for each erotic encounter. Lancaster Gate and Marylebone were better for this.
The Lady
There were five girls playing at the party, and I had a go with four of them.

Gina: If there is a physical type I really go for, it is ladies who are small, slim and busty. Gina exceeds expectations in all categories - she is tiny - only 4' 9" accord to her profile, has a gloriously large pair of boobs, a deliciously slim waist and a gloriously taut round arse. To top it off she is very pretty, and has short cut blonde hair, which is probably my favourite hairstyle. The only minor quibble is that Gina's lovely little body is an art gallery of tattoos. In my humble opinion she would look even better without them.

Gina may be small, but she has a personality which fills the room, full of fun and energy, and she engages in sex with almost alarming enthusiasm. My two sessions with her were lust fuelled and exhilarating. The other girls at the party were very nice, but Gina was something special!

Maya: Very pretty blonde girl with a generous figure and an equally generous personality. There is perhaps a little more to Maya than is my general preference, but she is delightful girl to be with and I had a lovely session with her.

Roberta: Wow! Arguably the most attractive of all the girls there - very pretty and blessed with a glorious slender body. Somewhat more demure and restrained than Eva and Gina, but very friendly nonetheless. Had a very nice time with her, which could easily have been the highlight of the afternoon if my own performance had come up to scratch.

Eva: Attractive EE girl with an athletic figure. In looks very different from Gina, being taller and chunkier in build, but very like her in sporting lots of tattoos and being very forward and demanding in terms of sex. Eva is perhaps not quite my type physically, but the session we had together was definitely the kind I like, very raunchy and almost more energetic than I could manage.

I'm not quite sure who the fifth was girl was but she looked very nice and the guests playing with her seemed to be having plenty of fun.
The Story
In the 'Reader's Digest' style:
Phoenix parties are just amazing fun. Parties are not for everyone - you have to share, and it doesn't do to be shy. On the other hand if you want to frolic with several beautiful and enthusiastic naked ladies for an hour or two, I know of no where better to go. There are other parties around, but Phoenix are the most regular, the best organised and of uniformly high quality.

And then in the 'War and Peace' style (as it was described by the wonderful Lady M):
I originally had other plans for the afternoon having set up a meeting with a favourite lady, but alas she texted me in the morning that she'd have to cancel. Thinking about alternatives, I took a look at the Phoenix site, thinking of perhaps visiting them. I've been fascinated by the look of Gina for sometime, and seeing she was playing at the party that afternoon, I decided I could afford to tack another hour onto my lunch break and head over to West London. The booking process was smooth and efficient as always, and I timed my arrival a few minutes early so I could be ready in the starting blocks at one o'clock.

The party was not fully booked - I guess there were maybe seven or eight gents there at a maximum. Only five girls were playing, I caught a snatch of conversation about another girl not turning up. There are notionally six girls scheduled to play, but given the ratio of boys and girls was closer to 1:1 than 2:1, this was not a problem. Barbara, one of the ladies I have the pleasure to play with on a few occasions was acting the role of the chief organiser and party host.

On arrival there were four or five guests already there getting their kit off having showers etc. Since the shower was in use I talked my way into using the one upstairs. I restrained myself from eavesdropping too much but Gina and one of the other girls were having chitchat together which seemed to involve them adjusting one another's clothing. I overcame the temptation to watch and had my shower. No need to be rude there was plenty of fun to come.

I headed down to the basement and the kitchen and waited with a couple of the other guys for things to begin. Time rolled around to one o'clock and I suggested to one of the girls, that it was time to start. She agreed and we all trouped upstairs.

Rather to my surprise and a bit to my disappointment, when guests paired off with girls, Gina was left with me. I was disappointed not because I didn't want to have fun with Gina, quite the opposite, but the first round at parties unusually is a fairly quick affair, relieving the initial excitement, it is the second and third encounters where you get prolonged and rumbustious romps and that was what I had planned for little Gina. But I could hardly say no to her could I?

Gina got me to take off my robe and to lie back on the middle bed. One of the other girls was entertaining a guest next to us, there were a couple further down the room and the last lady and guest on the third bed to my left. Gina skinned off her bra and pants leaving herself in heels and hold-ups and looking jaw droppingly sexy. As she joined me on the bed it didn't actually sink in how tiny she is. Her personality and sexy appeal are so expansive she seems bigger than she really is. With some choice words of encouragement and skilful use of her fingers my cock was soon swelling up hard, then her lips were closing over my shaft and I was as hard as bone, moaning in delight as she gave me a vigorous blowjob. God she knew what she was doing. Almost too well, I tried to slow her down a bit, directing her down to licking my balls. But it was clear she wanted to make me come. I was already so close to boiling over I realised trying to put on a condom and fucking was going to be a waste of time, but there was something else we could do.

As first Gina seemed a bit reluctant but I got her to let me get up and to for her to lie back down on the bed for me. "I want to fuck you tits until I come," I told her. Having explained, she was happy to oblige, though it didn't seem to be something asked of her very often - not at parties at least. I straddled her little body and she wrapped her magnificent mammaries around my swollen manhood. I began pumping away. It's a long while since I've had my cock between such a lovely big soft pair of boobs, and it felt quite fantastic. I did my best to hold back and enjoy the moment, but Gina urged me on and it was not long before I gave a roar of delight and hit my peak. I would love to report I sprayed a massive load all over Gina, however as usual despite a bone judderingly intense orgasm, I only produced a little dribble of spunk. On the plus side I'm sure that this was probably a better outcome for Gina.

We cleaned ourselves up and I thanked Gina, letting her move on to entertain another guest, while I got myself a drink. I'd made up my mind I was going to have another go with little Gina though. As things turned out it took rather longer than I hoped, but was all the more worthwhile for that.

After a little drink I stood watching for a while as the girls sucked and fucked the guests. Maya having satisfied one customer inquired if I was ready to play again. The correct answer was probably not quite yet, but I find it hard to resist such an invitation and soon I was playing with her lovely big boobs, stroking and caressing them and kissing her nipples. She seemed to like this. I certainly did. We moved onto the bed and Maya started sucking on my cock. Then she wanked it. It was not too long before I grew hard. I let her carry on for a bit, but I wanted to fuck now. Maya obligingly found a condom and rolled it one. The she rolled over onto her back inviting me to move between her spread legs. I eagerly obliged and guided my cock to its target. Easing forward I slid deep into Maya's pussy. It felt wonderful. I began pumping away and soon was lifting her legs up onto my shoulders so I could go a bit deeper. Some girls find this position a bit of a challenge, but Maya seemed more than happy like this. I set to work pumping my boner balls deep into her snug quim at a good steady rate. Maya was moaning quietly in delight and smiling up at me and I took the time to look around the room and gaze voyeuristically at all the other action going on.

After a good long session fucking Maya on her back, I got her to roll over onto hands and knees so I could take her from behind. Once more I slid my cock up into her snug quim and then I set to banging away at her generous rump. Slowly I worked my way up to boiling point, and after what seemed an age exploded inside her. Wow!

It took a bit of time to come down after my climax, but Maya helped me clean up after a minute or two I levered myself up so I could make room for the next fun seeker. I had a nibble at some of the snacks and relaxed a bit, keeping my eye open for an opportunity to have fun with Gina. However she seemed pretty busy and Roberta tempted me into playing with her instead. We started off fondling one another as we stood between two of the beds. She has lovely smooth skin and delicious boobs. I sucked on her nipples then tempted her to lie back on the bed, kneeling down between her legs so I could lick her pussy. It tasted delicious and knowing I needed more rest before I would be able to get hard, I set in to a long session of oral sex. Roberta seemed to be more than happy with this, making sounds of delight, which grew more frequent and louder as time went on. Finally after several minutes of this she squirmed, squealed and climaxed. Giggling, she pushed me away as my tongue continued to lap at her pussy then thanked me claiming I'd give her her first climax of the week. I took with this a little pinch of salt, but it's hard not to be buoyed up by compliments and thanks from such a great looking lady.

Roberta seemed keen to return the favour and soon had me on my back while her lips closed around my cock. It took a bit of time to revive me this time but with a combination of Roberta's oral attentions and me giving myself a wank while she played with herself I once more rose to the occasion. She found a condom and then got on hands and knees so I could enter her from behind. I slid home and began pumping away - delightful - but alas at this stage things went a bit pear shaped. Here I was having sex with a beautiful and willing wench and my cock decided to go limp. Embarrassing and frustrating to say the least. Still I don't doubt it happens to most girls at least once a party. We agreed I needed a bit of a rest and I let Roberta turn her attentions to another guest more ready to play than I.

I took a breather and helped myself to some more food and drink and then spotting Gina seemed to be unoccupied sidled over to take my chance. I knew it would probably take a little time to get ready, but I thought I could stake a claim on Gina by doing some pussy licking, while giving myself a wank to get hard. Gina seemed receptive to the idea, so while she lay back on the bed I buried my face in pussy. Meanwhile on the same bed, Eva and another guest were going at it hammer and tongs. Most of the guys at the party were being fairly restrained, several of them spending as much time licking pussy as getting sucked and fucking, but this chap was evidently keen to bang one and all. Eventually he gave Eva a rest and she turned to sucking my cock while pleasured Gina with my mouth, however now this energetic chap wanted to turn his attentions to Gina and since he was up and ready and I was not it would have been churlish to refuse, so we swapped partners.

In one of those perverse turns of events, having failed to rise to the occasion when I wanted to have sex with Gina, I promptly sprang to attention once I had rescinded my chance with her and moved over to Eva. While physically not quite my type, Eva's earthy enthusiasm was comined with Gina getting a firm rogering was just what I needed to wake me up. Standing by the bed, I let Eva suck me and wank my cock until I was nice and hard, then it was time for a condom. Once it was rolled on, I joined Eva on the bed and she spread her legs so I could spear her. Gina was on her back getting fucked hard next to us, and I set too, doing the same with Eva.

There are girls for whom slow and gentle sex seems most natural and those who seem to want it hard, fast and energetic. Eva seems to fall into the latter category. There was I also have to admit an element of competitive fucking going on. The chap next to me banging away hell for leather at little Gina must have been fifteen or more years younger than me, but I wanted to show I could keep up with him. Having given Eva a solid pounding on her back I got her to roll over so I could take her doggy style. The other guy had rolled Gina over so she was half onto her belly half on her side facing me and Eva. He was still pumping away madly at her. Unconsciously I was keeping to his rhythm as I hammered away at Eva's generous rump. I rolled Eva over onto her side, so she and I mirrored the positions of Gina and her paramour. Eva was urging me to come, but I told her I was holding back because I wanted a go with Gina.

I was getting a bit tired at this point and suggested a rest. Then Gina did the same rather more firmly. In gentlemanly fashion the other guy and I let Eva and Gina get up and have a breather and a rest. I headed over to the far end of the room to get a drink and some cheese and biscuits and the other chap moved over to have his wicked way with one of the other girls - which was what I'd hoped - now I'd get my chance with Gina I thought.

A few minutes later, Gina reappeared and agreed to spend some time with me. We were now had the bed at the front of the room to play on all to ourselves. It took a bit longer than I might have hoped to get hard again, but Gina was persistent using hands and mouth to stiffen me up. Then it was on with the condom. She started off on top, squatting down on my cock to get maximum penetration and bouncing herself up and down like a mad thing. Gina certainly seems keen on energetic sex. Well no problem - so am I. I let Gina ride me hard for a minute or two, before rolling us over so I was in charge. Pushing her legs up onto my shoulders and pinning them up over her head I pumped away energetically, doing my best to match my antics with Eva. Gina is my kind of girl when it comes to sex, her body is awesome and her enthusiasm boundless. I was having a whale of a time. Things if anything got better as we changed position into doggy. Her bum is small round and wonderfully resilient, awesome fun to pound away at while pumping deep into her snug quim. Finally we moved into spoons and panting and grunting away like a stud in an old German porn, I finally drove myself over the finishing line and gave a great gasp of triumph and delight as I exploded ecstatically deep inside the little lady. Fantastic climax to a great afternoon of sex.

But not quite the end. I can't manage four times in two hours anymore, but Maya and I cuddled on the bed and watched as the other girls tried to get the other guests to squeeze out one last climax. Then off downstairs to shower and dress. I even bumped into Em to say hi, I would have loved to stop for a chat, but had to move smartly down to the station to get back to the office. Well moving smartly was a bit of a challenge, my legs seemed unaccountably weak and wobbly as I made my way back to Lancaster Gate. On the other hand I had a big grin on my face though.

Splendid fun - pretty much as always. I've been to more parties than I can remember now, and almost without exception I've had a great time. That said this was one of the better I've had more recently. I'm not as young as I used to be and no longer able to go at it full tilt for a couple of hours, but the energy of Gina and Eva and the more gentle but still very enthusiastic efforts of Roberta and Maya made sure I got the most of things.

Highly recommended!
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