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No. 125803 - Published 15 Feb 2018

Review of Ella of House of Divine, London

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Location 2:West Kensington
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:Thu 18 Jan 2018 15:30
Duration of Visit:1 Hours
Amount Paid:130

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Details of Service Provider
Profile Name:House of Divine - click to view profile in a new window
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The Premises
Basement flat a few minutes' walk from West Kensington Tube station. There is rather compact 'play' room here which I was in on my last visit, but this time I was back in the one with the en-suite which is still pretty small but a bit more spacious. There is a little balcony outside overlooking the District Line - but more on that later!

As with other HoD locations clean, tidy, but a bit dull. The bedroom apart from a couple of artistic nude prints on the wall is just a bedroom. Even if there just a larger, more strategically positioned mirror it would be just that much more exciting.

As always at an HoD establishment the bland aspects of the room were more than made up for by the quality of the company I enjoyed there. And of course, the 'administrative' staff was as friendly and efficient as ever.
The Lady
Ella is an attractive Spanish lady with a gloriously curvy body in her mid/late twenties. She is of average height with lovely big boobs, a slender waist, and a wonderful generous and firm bum. Her portfolio pictures on the HoD site have her with predominantly blonde hair and an obscured face, but there are several images from Twitter which let you see her pretty face and her current hairstyle (long and fairly dark).

Ella is certainly physically attractive, and her attitude and personality add to this to make her a very sexy woman indeed. Very down to earth and self-confident, she knows all about how to give a man pleasure and is eager to show it. She also encourages you to return the favour. All the time I spent with Ella, she gave me the impression she was enjoying herself at least as much as I was.
The Story
For those who like it short and sweet:
I've seen several different girls at HoD over the past few years, and always had a lot of fun with whoever I saw. With some HoD girls though, my experience has been extra special, and it was definitely that with Ella. Like all the girls at HoD, she looks good, and has a lovely body, but physical appearance only takes a girl so far. What makes a punt really special is way she engages and interacts with you in the room and Ella seemed to know all the right words and moves to really make my time with her exceptional.

Ella performed with great gusto and oodles of skill. She seemed not only determined that I had a good time, but also seemed to want me to make sure she had a great time too. Well I had a fantastic time, and while I find it hard to believe Ella really had as much fun as she seemed to, her response to our activities added enormously to my own enjoyment.

Certainly, one of my top two or three punts at HoD. I'd definitely recommend a visit to her.

And if you like all the spicy details:
Originally, I'd booked to visit Jenny at HoD on Tuesday, but I'd been obliged to cancel as my trip up to London was postponed to Thursday. Looking through the options at HoD for Thursday, Ella definitely sounded my kind of girl, so I arranged to meet up with her at HoD's West Kensington 'office'.

Last time I was a little late, so I was very careful to turn up on time on this occasion. I was shown to the room by the 'maid' who fetched me a drink and promised Ella would be with me in a minute or two. I'm never quite sure what is the right thing to do while waiting, but I decided to strip down to my boxers.

It did seem quite a while before Ella appeared. I was a bit thrown because I was expecting to meet up with a blonde as she appears in her portfolio pics, but she looked damn sexy wearing only the black one-piece body with vents up the middle that she models on many of her twitter posts. She also had on heels, which was a little disappointing since I'd asked when confirming the appointment if she could wear some boots, (Ella explained that since she travels into the UK to work at HoD her wardrobe is limited by what she can fit in her bag).

Ella asked if I'd been to HoD before. I mentioned that the last time I'd been in this room, Michelle had said if it had been sunny, she'd have taken me out onto the balcony, so we could have sex there. "Just like Michelle," Ella commented, making it sound very much like the two of them not only knew each other but had occasionally entertained together. The thought of a two-girl session with the pair of them is tempting but slightly scary. Would one actually survive?!

I wasted no time in presenting Ella with her 'gift'. She just dropped the envelope on the bedside table and then fun began. We embraced and kissed, Ella's tongue pushing into my mouth. I stroked her ample boobs through her lingerie, then I encouraged her to get her body off. She slipped the shoulder straps off and down exposing her glorious boobs, then down over her hips. I slid my boxers down too while playing with her boobs. Then she backed me onto the bed and started playing with my cock. I started swelling up and she chuckled and said something like "Where is this going to fit - and it's not even fully up yet". Most ladies tell me I'm 'big', but I usually take it with a pinch of salt.

Ella's next comment was something along the lines of "what would be really funny would be if you wanted to have anal with a girl." This caught me a bit off guard. The thing is, one thing motivating my choice of Ella as opposed to other girls I might have visited (though certainly not the only one), was that her profile mentions she provide 'A-levels'. Had she somehow anticipated this and decided to head me off at once? Anyway, the look on my face revealed all, and she laughed. Did I really get girls to let me have anal with them? she asked. I assured her that I did so regularly, though I'd never found a girl at HoD happy to provide this service for me.

Still chuckling Ella now bent down to take my cock in her mouth. Soon I had grown stiff and in truth in her hands my cock did look rather impressive. She wasn't taking it very deep, but what her lips and tongue were doing felt divine. She apologised she couldn’t deep throat me like Michelle, suggesting once more they had worked together. I assured her it wasn't a problem.

After Ella had paused to give my balls a good licking, she suggested we might try some 69. I naturally agreed and soon she was on top of me, pushing her pussy into my face while she wrapped her mouth over my bell end again. I lapped away, and Ella gave me a bit of guidance as to where to target from my tongue. I did as I was told, and she went wild, largely foregoing her attentions to my cock as she smothered me with her quim and moaned with delight. After a couple of minutes, she wailed she was coming, pushing down on me so I could hardly breath.

After a few moments, Ella pulled away a little, then further as I tried to resume licking her clitty, protesting she was too sensitive. Now she moved between my legs and got to work hard on my cock. It felt awesome. A bit too awesome in truth. I'd have liked things to carry on a bit longer, but I failed to warn Ella to slow down in time, and suddenly I was boiling over, filling her mouth with my spunk. Ella held me deep until I stopped throbbing and apologised when she realised I'd come earlier than intended even though it was not her fault. It took me a moment or two to notice, but she'd evidently swallowed my cum, because she chatted for a while about girls at HoD who might be prepared to let me try out their 'A-levels'. She suggested either Ruby or Blake might be options. It seemed almost an afterthought for her to slip out for a little mouthwash before we carried on (actually it did surprise me a little there was no mouthwash in the en-suite bathroom).

Ella was only gone a minute or so and she proposed a massage when she returned. It was a rather different kind of massage to the ones I am used to. Ella only used the lightest of touches with her fingertips as they ran down my back. I wouldn't really have expected it, but it was very arousing. Then with a little spit to lubricate them her fingers gently stroked up and down between my buttocks stimulating my anus. It was not long before I was feeling it was time for some more fun. My cock did not quite seem ready to spring to life though, so I rolled onto my back and got Ella straddle to my face, so I could lick her pussy and clit, while giving myself a wank. Ella seemed even more responsive this time than before. After a few minutes grinding her pussy against my mouth and nose she cried out she was coming again. This certainly got the blood flowing back into my cock. Ella didn't stop though she carried on grinding, I carried on licking and sucking and as I grew swollen and hard again, she built herself up to a second climax.

Ella pulled away panting. It was evident that I was ready for action now, and I can't recall if it was she or I who first mentioned the word 'condom'. Either way around it wasn't very long before my cock was suitable attired, and Ella was straddling me and feeding my swollen member up into her snug wet pussy. She was deliciously tight, but despite her earlier comments there was not the least problem in Ella accommodating me and soon she was settled in the saddle, with me pushed full length into her warm depths.

Ella started bouncing herself up and down on me. It felt great, but she wasn't satisfied, leaning over she grabbed a vibrator from the bedside table and turning it on applied it to her clit as she continued to ride me. The combination of my cock and her sex toy seemed to drive her wild. Ella pumped herself up and down her squeals of delight growing louder until after a minute or so she cried out she was coming yet again.

There was a pause in activities for her to recover and then I rolled us over, so I was now on top. As is my wont, I eased her legs up onto my shoulders, pinning them back so I could go a bit deeper. I half expected a protest from Ella, but instead she encouraged me to go at it hard and fast, while she used her vibrator some more. I obliged and pumped away energetically grunting in delight while once more she seemed to be having a whale of a time beneath me. After a few more minutes she wailed she was coming again. I carried on regardless pounding her into the mattress until I had to pause panting for breath.

Ella's respite was fairly short though. I tugged myself off her and had her roll over onto hands and knees, so I could mount her doggy style. The brief rest, and the sight of that glorious rump gave me a second wind. Soon Ella's firm round buttocks were quivering as I hammered away at them almost yodelling in delight. We moved through a few variations with me leaning forwards to clutch at her lovely boobs or leaning back holding her hips and pulling them back as I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy. We carried on like this for quite some time, before Ella protested it was all too much. I apologised, and we repositioned ourselves with me on top and her on her back again, but almost at once I decided some spoons to finish would be nice. Ella was amenable, so I managed to roll her over onto her left side and slide down behind her without losing contact with her. Then I pumped away with long slow strokes until the she said she was coming again and the firm grip of her snatch pushed me over the edge into a powerful climax of my own.

We remained locked together for long moments as I recovered, then Ella slid away from me and tidied up the condom. Then she climbed back onto the bed and we cuddled some more, chatting in the afterglow for several minutes. It was me who finally decided it was probably time to make a move. As seems to be the general pattern at HoD, Ella vacated the room while I showered and got dressed, but she was there to meet me with another cuddle and kiss when I exited the bedroom. Another quick cuddle and she let me back out into the dark evening. My legs felt so wobbly, the stairs back up to the street were a bit of a challenge, but I had a smile on my face.

Excellent punt with a delightful lady. It seems inconceivable I made Ella come half a dozen times in the hour I spent with her, and I'm sure cynics will assume she was faking all the time. But from my perspective that it doesn't matter a damn. Ella was huge fun and the sex wonderful. She made me come twice in splendid style, and her response to my attempts to please her added greatly to our time together making it incredibly fulfilling and exiting.

Highly recommended and I'd definitely like to see her again soon.
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