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No. 52339 - Published 30 Apr 2005

Review of Phoenix Party of The Phoenix Club, The Ultimate Adults Club, London

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Location 2:Southwark
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:23th March 2005 13:00
Duration of Visit:2
Amount Paid:100

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Details of Service Provider
Profile Name:The Phoenix Club, The Ultimate Adults Club - click to view profile in a new window
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The Premises
An apartment some five minutes walk from Southwark tube station. It's a really nice place on three levels. Upstairs are rooms to change and the main bathroom, in the middle is the lounge/kitchen where there are refreshments and downstairs is the 'play' area. The latter is wonderful. In addition to the well known love swing, there is a big bed downstairs and a mezzanine floor from where there is a double mattress, and if you're positioned right you can have fun upstairs while having watching others having fun downstairs. The best thing for me though is the lighting - big windows mean in the afternoon, the whole place is bathed in natural light. I guess mid summer it might be a bit of a sweatbox, we were got pretty hot as it was, but I do so love having sex in the sunshine.

There are a couple of problems. A minor one is the staircases. The spiral staircase and the steps up to the mezzanine floor are a bit on the steep side, and were a bit of a struggle for some of us gents, never mind the ladies in their high heels. More major is the shower which hardly works at all. Yes you can get clean under it, but it a bit of an effort.

When they do fix the shower it will rate as very close to the best party venue I've been to.

Pleasant drinks and Light snacks were provided with Lady M's gentleman friend Moss looking after this side of things. Overall very welcoming.
The Lady
According to the schedule, the party hostesses were to be Richianna, Sophia and Alex. Alex didn't make an appearance - though I didn't inquire exactly why, since I was more than happy that Lady M herself stepped into the breach. As it was a couple of days before Easter, Lady M had sort of got the girls dressed up as Easter bunnies, with 'tails' and some ears. As quite thumbnail sketch of the ladies:

Lady Marmalade: Formerly know as India I understand, Lady M is I guess in her thirties, is very attractive and has a beautifully ample mature body, with gorgeous boobs and a lovely bum. Is very friendly as well as having things nicely organised. She's nicely raunchy in the bedroom, but alas I missed out on having a great deal of fun with her myself.

Sophia: A very pretty and petite Spanish lass, with a lovely little body, and a wonderful attitude. I've had fun with what seems to be a lot of very nice girls now, but Sophia is definitely one of the special ones. An absolute delight to be with and to my mind a party superstar.

Richianna: The main reason I chose this particular party. Richianna has a slim taut body, long legs a huge smile, ebony skin, and like every black girl I've had the pleasure of, a glorious arse (in this case small and very firm). Delightfully cheerful and really good fun to be with.
The Story
I've had my eye on Lady M parties for a while, but since I've had a rather volatile work schedule these last few months I tended to punt when I have the chance, rather than planning in advance which is my favoured approach. Anyway I had a chance to come along, Richianna who looked a pretty foxy lady was on the cast list, together with a couple of other nice looking lasses. Why not?

When I arrived at the location, I did so at the same time as a couple of other guys, which Moss found a bit of a coincidence. He conducted us upstairs and stowed our valuables then Richie took us upstairs so we could get changed. I was surprised to see we seemed a bit short on guests, and also that we seemed a couple of girls short. The later matter was resolved when Sophia turned just as we were about to start, and Lady M revealed she herself would be playing too. The guests? Well after a couple of late cancellations, there were only six or seven of us which made it a very nice ratio of girls to guys.

While Sophia got changed Lady M decided we should get started, and so she, Richie and the rest of us headed downstairs. Richie and about half of the guys ascended to the mezzanine while Lady M held court on the bed downstairs. I stuck with Lady M and with a couple of other guys got to fondling her lovely body. Soon she was wanking me while giving another guy a blowjob and we'd got her lovely tits out to play with. She was just getting around to giving me some serious personal attention when more hair triggered than even I managed to explode in her hands. Rats!

As usual I felt rather embarrassed at this rather premature end to things, but also as usual having now "wet my whistle" I was able to enjoy my subsequent encounters. By now Sophie had also turned up and had moved upstairs to have fun with Richie. I decided to go up and see what was going on too. Upstairs things were a bit busy with four other guys as well as the two girls, and me as spectator. I initially had my eye on getting to grips with Richie, but she was very busy taking a firm pumping from behind while enthusiastically sucking cock at the other, meanwhile Sophia brought one of her two paramours to a cheerful and messy conclusion, so I moved around to see if I might be able to join her for some fun.

Sophia cleaned herself up. Meanwhile the other chap with her rolled on a cover and after a little discussion slid between her legs to roger her on her back. This I felt might make it awkward for me to join in, but Sophia seeing me standing by the side of the mattress gestured for me to kneel down beside her. Twisting around she grabbed my cock, and pushed it deep into her mouth. I grew pretty hard pretty quickly. Sophia did well to manage to keep sucking me while she was taking quite a firm pounding, but as the other chap began to get close, Sophia switched attention to him. Rather than coming inside her he elected to pull out, rip off the condom and shoot over her tummy. Sophia and he exchanged brief pleasantries while I got the wipes to clean Sophia up, and then he departed and left the field to me.

Sophia gave my cock a bit more of a suck, then after inspecting it to check it was nice and hard, and passing some flattering remarks about it, she got hold of a condom and asked me how I'd like her. I was by now mad keen for her any which way, so she decided on doggy. Crouching on her knees, dressed only in her black hold-ups she looked utterly delectable and trembling with lust I moved around behind her and mounted her. She gave a groan as I eased up inside her snug little pussy saying I was "so big", and then we were rutting away like mad things.

It was wonderful pumping away at Sophia delectable bum, but having gone at like this for a good while, I felt a change would be nice, and so pulled out so Sophia could roll over and let me take her on her back. This was as much fun as before, but Sophia seemed to find it a bit of a strain when I pushed her legs up onto my shoulders. After a while I slid over sideways so Sophia was still on her back, with her legs up in the air while I was lying at right angles to her still pumping away. This was a little awkward as my head was hanging over the edge of the bed, but I was too much caught up in what I was doing to worry. Banging away six to the dozen, with Sophia crying out I was going 'so deep' I worked myself up to an almighty climax.

The playroom was quite warm now and we'd both worked up a fair old sweat. Looking around I found to my suprise we were by ourselves, most chaps seemed to have decided to take a little break. I thanked Sophia profusely for a wonderful session, and she was kind enough to flatter me with a compliment or two on my own performance. I staggered down the steep steps off the Mezzanine, and had a quick wash and freshen up, then went upstairs for a quick drink in the lounge before returning downstairs to look for more fun.

All the girls were still busy, but Richie was kneeling up on the bed bending over some chap so she could give him a blow job. Her long slim legs looked beautiful in her black hold-ups, that taut backside was just fantastic and then peeping out from between her bum cheeks was her pussy. It was an irresistibly inviting vision. I twisted myself underneath her so I could bury my face in her quim. I ended up in a rather uncomfortable position, with only my head and shoulders on the bed and supporting the rest of my weight crabwise, but it was worth it to feast on Richianna's delicious snatch!

After a while Richie's other paramour moved on, and Richie invited me to join her on the bed. We moved into a 69. If eating Richie's pussy was fun it was nothing compared to eating it while she was simultaneously devouring my cock. Soon I was as hard as bone again and moaning that I wanted to fuck. Richie seemed reluctant to stop sucking her lollipop, but was eventually persuaded to roll on a cover. She then manoeuvred herself around so she could sit on me. Oh bliss! What a snug little pussy Richie has. Then she was bouncing herself up and down on me. Awesome!

I let her pump me in and out of her gloriously tight snatch for a while, but after a while I began to find it a little too intense. Time for me to be in charge. With a bit of a struggle I managed to sit myself up and bouncing us both to the edge of the bed, stood up with Richie still impaled on my boner, span round and lowered her back onto the bed so I was now on top. Richie twined her long slim legs around me as I began pumping away with long deep strokes.

I kept at it like this for a while, then decided it was time to admire Richie's taut little black bum, so asked if she'd be kind enough to roll over so I could take her from behind. She did, and wriggled her firm ass at me as if she needed to tempt me to carry on. She didn't. I moved in and speared her once more then began pounding away at her resilient buttocks with a will. I was taking my time to come to the boil but wasn't I enjoying the process!

After a while though the geometry began to get to me a bit, my legs are a bit on the short side for a leggy lass like Richie, and so getting it together was meant I had to stretch and strain a bit. Half by accident, half by design I ended up pushing the young lady forward, until she was almost flat on her belly, with my lying on top of her still pumping away. This was more comfy for me and Richie didn't seem to mind. Indeed she did her best to keep up her end of things, pushing up from the bed to meet me as I now banged away like a man possessed. I was on the last lap now, and after frantically pounding away at her lovely tight bottom a little longer came with a roar deep in her pussy.

We were both drenched with sweat, and it took me some time to stagger upstairs to get to some refreshments. It seemed pretty much everyone was in need of a rest, for soon Lady M, Sophia and Richie had all joined us upstairs. There was some chit chat about parties (particularly Lady M recounting her one and only time at one of Bobby's with a queue of 20 blokes waiting to shag her), and I ventured to bring up the matter of the love swing downstairs (subtly hinting perhaps I'd like to have a go with Lady M on it). Lady M began to complain now about Punternet reports. 'They all say Lady M in the swing' she protested - as if she was the only person who ever used it.

Given this attitude, it seemed as if I'd have to scratch having Lady M in the swing as something to do in the last forty minutes or so. However I ended up getting more fun out of the love swing than I had any right to expect!

Since Lady M didn't want to use the swing herself, and since I'd just finished a long sweaty session with Richie, it only seemed sensible I try and get Sophia in it. Lets be honest, I'd taken a real fancy to the young Spanish lass and she would have been my first choice anyway. There was however a minor problem since Sophie had already headed back downstairs with another guest. However when we got downstairs, Lady M had a truly marvellous idea about how to fill in the time while Sophia entertained the other chap.

Lady M ordered Richie into the swing, but it was not I, or any of the other guys who got to shag her. Nope we all stood around open mouthed as Lady M fastened on a formidable strap-on and proceeded to give her colleague a damn good seeing to with the plastic pecker. While Richie was moaning in delight at the fucking she was getting, the young lady did her best to attend to the needs of the guests too, wanking one guy while giving my cock a good sucking. Not surprisingly I got hard pretty quickly.

Then it was enough of watching and time for some more active participation, for now Lady M summoned over Sophia from the bed. In no time, Richie was replaced in the swing by the lovely little Spaniard and it was my turn. Having rolled on a cover, I moved into position and was able to push my cock once more into Sophia warm wet quim.

I'd had a lot of fun so far, but what happened next was definitely one of the most memorable sessions I've had at any party. As I had been with Richie I was a little disadvantaged by my short hairy legs, but hanging onto the top of the frame of the swing, I was able to stand on my toes and pump away lustily at Sophia, her body swaying back and forward in the swing to meet my thrusting cock. Sophia seemed to having plenty of fun herself, but I was in seventh heaven. I don't know how long we were at it, but it seemed ages.

Eventually though my legs started to get a bit tired and I decided it was time Sophia did a bit of the work. I helped her clamber out of the swing and we moved over to the bed. I sat back on it and with no encouragement, indeed with evident eagerness, the young lady climbed into my lap and slid my cock back up inside her snug little snatch. Then she was energetically pounding herself up and down onto top of me. The sight of my pink prick being pumped in and out of her young pussy frankly looked fantastic - indeed Lady M raised her head from whatever she was doing to say just that.

Delightful as it was being ridden by Sophia, once I had caught my breath I wanted to be back in charge, and pulled the same switch around as I had on Richie, lofting the lovely young Spaniard up, and then lowering her back onto the bed, then pushing her legs up high so I could give her an energetic session on her back. God knows where my energy was coming from, but Sophia is one of those girls who make you feel you have to go that bit further. Somehow I still wasn't finished, and persuaded her to roll over so I could take her from behind. Then I was pounding away at those lush buttocks, grunting and groaning with lust and delight until finally I reached my peak. Mind-blowing! I did my best to say thank you to Sophia, but there are no words to adequately express how much fun a session like that is!

It was three o'clock by now, so really time to go, but after my efforts with Sophia and Richie, I was knackered, and it took me a fair old time to get myself back up the stairs to have a less than adequate shower with the feeble trickle of water the plumbing could manage, and then to struggle back into my clothes. I did my best to thank Sophia, Richie, Lady M and of course Moss for a lovely couple of hours, and headed off into the afternoon sunshine with a big grin on my face.

Overall: Excellent! Lady M. parties strongly support my thesis that ladies are much better at organising sex parties for men than men are. I've now been to events of this sort organised by a dozen or so organisers, with roughly equal number organised by men and women, and (with the notable exception of the sadly missed Wicked Willy), I have to say the ladies are streets ahead of the gents in the matter of getting the organisation and ambiance right.

Lady M has secured a wonderful location for her events, and if Richianna and Sophia are typical of the hostesses she gets to come along to her events, she must have a truly lovely selection of ladies to host her events. I'll be back to meet a few more of them as soon as I get the chance!

Very highly recommended.
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