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No. 123567 - Published 15 Nov 2016

Review of Lucy of Annabellas MK, Milton Keynes

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:Sun 25 Sep 2016 12:00
Duration of Visit:1 Hours
Amount Paid:120

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Details of Service Provider
Profile Name:Annabellas MK - click to view profile in a new window
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The Premises
Basement flat in central Milton Keynes, well known as being a short walk from the 'Staples' store. It seemed a bit homely when I arrived, with someone doing some ironing in the lounge. I was shown into a small bedroom dominated by a double bed pushed up against the wall. Spotlessly clean and tidy, with a mirror on the wall in which, with careful bit of positioning of yourselves, you can contrive watch yourself and your chosen lady having fun. A major plus was the sunshine outside which shone through the blinds meaning that there was minimal need for artificial light.

Perhaps a little too compact, but otherwise nothing one can make a big complaint. However as I've commented on the rooms at HoD in London, the room by itself does nothing to put you in the mood. It didn't feel like a place one was going to have erotic fun and games but more like the guest bedroom of a middle class family. There were some pictures of unclothed ladies on the wall, but so demure and tasteful they would probably not even raise the eyebrow of a maiden aunt. The frankly bland environment does detract a little from the event. Lucy, like all the girls I've seen at HoD was great, but with a little imagination and work on the room, the excitement and enjoyment could be ratcheted up several notches.
The Lady
Lucy is a pretty blonde and her body is jaw droppingly voluptuous. There is a suggestion of this in her photos, but the reality is even more curvaceous. There is no excess here though, everything is that perfect blend of taut curves and soft flesh. Lucy stands only about 5' 2", which is pretty much ideal in my eyes. Her boobs are very large and stand proud, but are delicious warm and yielding to the touch, and her rump is gloriously generous and round. Her legs are not skinny, but are firm and perfectly shaped to go with the rest of her curves.

Personality wise, very friendly with an earthy sense of humour. Delightfully matter of fact, Lucy makes it clear she's there to give you pleasure and that she's going to have fun doing it. She certainly knows what she's doing and how to make a man happy. She made sure I had a great time, but she also seemed to really enjoy herself too, which always adds a real fillip to a punt
The Story
The short and sweet version:

My first visit to Annabelle's and my first encounter with Lucy and both a resounding success. I've little need to sing the praises of either, since so many have done so already, but the organisation is delightfully efficient and the location convenient for visitors to the town. Inside it lacks a little in ambience, but is clean and tidy and perfectly pleasant. And the girls (several of whom I have had the pleasure of at HoD in London) all seem to be delightful.

Lucy herself was awesome. Her body is amazing, her attitude excellent and her skills consummate. Round one ended in me exploding in her mouth with one of the most bone jarringly intense orgasms I've had in an age, while round two comprised a long and energetic session of shagging Lucy's glorious body. It ended equally intensely and ecstatically as I hammered away at her taut rump doggy style. Then a long cuddle before I recovered the strength to stagger off, with a big grin on my face.

Highly recommended!!

And for those (like me) who want all the details:
Going on a trip to Cambridge, I decided I should try and fit in a visit to Annabelle's on the way. Originally I intended to drop in on Saturday, and had having first attempted to make an appointment with Michelle who was busy, had settled on seeing Elise. However the logistics of getting to Milton Keynes for 13:00 came apart, so I rescheduled for Sunday, and booked Lucy for midday - though in truth I was a bit surprised that they started that early. But as Lucy said when I commented on this - guys get the urge to fuck on Sundays just like any other day.

Sunday morning I texted confirmation I was coming and got the address back. The drive from Cambridge to Milton Keynes was uneventful and the SatNav negotiated the complexities of the town to dutifully deliver me to within a few yards of the correct place. However I felt the car looked a bit obvious there so I headed a bit further down the road to park - and low and behold found myself outside Staples just like all the previous FRs had indicated.

I arrived a couple of minutes early, but failed to see any signs of which floor the flat was. After abortively going up in the lift, I finally twigged I should be in the basement. I headed down again, found the flat and rang the bell. A pleasant young lady guided me in asking if I'd booked. I confirmed I had an appointment with Lucy. I was offered a drink of tea, coffee or water and took a little diversion into the bathroom desperate for a leak. Then I was shown into the bedroom and assured that Lucy would join me shortly.

She did. Lucy was wearing high heels and a kind of peasant dress with lots of laces providing gaps through which one could see she had little on underneath. The lacing at the front meant a mouth-watering amount of her very considerable cleavage was on view. I handed over my 'gift' promptly, which Lucy neatly tucked away and that sorted it was down to fun and games.

We kissed a little hesitantly to start with, as Lucy started unbuttoning my shirt. While she was doing this I ventured to cup one of her ample boobs through her dress and then deduced Lucy didn't have any knickers on (by the subtle approach of sliding my other hand under the hem of her dress). Lucy encouraged my activities and then ventured to loosen the laces at the front of her dress, so she could expose her boobs while I tugged off my shirt and her hands started to unfasten my trousers. Our kisses were no longer hesitant! Soon I was stroking and sucking on some of the most glorious tits I've had the good fortune to lay my hands on, very large, delightfully yielding, yet firm. Meanwhile Lucy pushed down my trousers and boxers and closed her hands over my cock. I was already getting stiff.

Getting Lucy out of her dress was a bit of a challenge. It was the first time she'd ever worn it and taking it off proved a bit tricky but we finally managed so she was now completely nude. I'd already slipped off my shoes and socks while waiting for Lucy, so the process of disentangling me from my trousers and pants was nice and simple and in a moment or two I was naked too. We moved onto the bed and Lucy positioned herself between my legs, first her hands closing around my shaft and then her mouth fastening over my bell end. I was rock hard now.

Lucy smiled up at me with her eyes as she went to work on me. And my goodness she knew what she was doing. Soon she had me moaning in delight. Feeling a bit over excited I got her to move down to lick my balls. Delightful, but allowing me to gain a measure of control again. Then Lucy was sucking on my cock again. It felt amazing, once more I let Lucy carry on until I felt I was getting close then got her to move down suckle on my balls for a bit to calm down. When she moved back up I gently moved her hands away so she was just using her mouth.

Lucy could easily have gone for it now and had me coming quickly, but now she slowed down a little. Oh my goodness. I felt about to explode, but she kept working me slowly, letting the pressure build little by little until I was almost gibbering. She held me teetering at the point of no return for ages until it was almost unbearable. Then finally I gave a loud groan as one of the most intense orgasm of my life hit, my cock throbbing and jerking and then my cum boiling out deep in Lucy's mouth. My whole body was shuddering and shaking. Then I slumped back into the sheets. Lucy chuckled at the effect she'd had on me. But WOW!!

Lucy cleaned up and then slid into my arms for a cuddle. After a while I came back to reality and it occurred to me I was cuddled up to a beautiful naked wench with a remarkably lush body and I ought to be taking advantage of the situation. I started nuzzling on Lucy's amazing boobs, then moved south. Lucy happily spread her legs and allowed me to bury my face in her pussy. She moaned appreciatively and I carried on for several minutes before she suggested some 69. We rearranged ourselves on the bed and then once more I was tonguing her quim, while she fastened her mouth on my cock. I usually find that oral after I have come doesn't work as a way re-enliven my cock. But Lucy had no problems in getting me up again in this manner, and rather to my surprise it was not long before she had me hard again. Once I was, I was calling for a condom. I wanted to fuck Lucy's amazing body.

Lucy seemed eager too and we quickly found a condom. Then she was swinging her leg over me and impaling herself on my cock. She was nice and snug and once she'd settled down on my member, started to bounce herself up and down with enthusiasm. Glorious, especially as I could just reach up and cup those amazing tits.

Lucy on top was very nice, but while I like to be ridden to start things off, I enjoy things best when I am running the show. I rolled over so I was on top. Rather to my annoyance, I'd lost it a little bit so had to pause for a quick wank to stiffen myself up before easing myself back into Lucy's quim. I gently eased her legs up onto my shoulders and leant into her so I could go nice and deep. Some girls seem to find this a bit of a strain, but Lucy seemed to love it and encouraged me to go at it hard and fast. There are times when I feel my age - but having a glorious wench pinned beneath me urging me to fuck her with my 'big' cock is not one of them! I pumped away with gusto for several long minutes. While I doubt Lucy was impressed by my stamina I certainly was.

Pausing at last and panting for breath, I suggested we might try some doggy. Lucy positioned herself at the edge of the bed on hands and knees, while I stood at the foot of the bed. My god she looked good like this. I eased myself back up into her pussy again and began pumping away at her lush rump. Then I took a look over my shoulder eyeing up the mirror. Disengaging, I got Lucy to move around so she was now kneeling across the bed rather than along it. I moved in behind her once more, but now we were positioned so we had a jolly good view of our reflections in the mirror. There we saw a beautiful curvy young woman crouched on the bed, and yes that red-faced old man eagerly pumping his cock in and out of her really was me!

Encouraged by Lucy I pounded away at her backside, her lush buttocks quivering deliciously as I rammed against them again and again. Once more my climax built with almost agonising slowness and I was beginning to run out of puff, but I kept pumping away, until... until... My second orgasm seemed even more shatteringly intense than the first as I buried myself deep inside Lucy and exploded. I shuddered and shook then slumped forward over her. We were both damp with perspiration. One of the most energetic sessions I've had in a good long while and one of the most ecstatic endings.

Somehow I avoided collapsing into a limp heap on the floor and instead flopped onto the bed. Lucy did a quick tidy up and then snuggled close to me and we cuddled and chatted together in the afterglow. After what seemed an age, but was probably only a few minutes there was a little knock at the door, and Lucy and I untangled ourselves. She asked if I'd like a shower. I said I would, and having washed and freshened up, felt a spring in my step once more. Back in the room I helped Lucy back into her dress, got my own clothes back on and then enjoyed a lovely little cuddle before being shown out. I didn't exactly gambol and skip back to my car, but I certainly had a big smile on my face as I walked down the road.

Lucy is certainly someone I'd highly recommend a visit to. While I'm sure she varies her approach to what her clients like, she certainly provided just what I wanted. I wouldn't class our encounter as really either a GFE or PSE, rather as an incredibly fun romp with a wonderful young lady. Lucy's oral talents are amazing and she seems to love rumbustious sex, which is just wonderful since her glorious body is perfectly built for it.

Makes me wish I got up to Milton Keynes more often! If Annabelle's lacks a little on ambience, it has a huge amount going for it in terms of convenience, and the quality of the ladies available to entertain you seems uniformly wonderful.
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